Intuitive Readings

Emily Tepper- Energetic ReadingsReadings are booked online and delivered over the phone. A reading is an energetic and intuitive evaluation of context and emotion, it is not a medical diagnosis. When applying for a reading, clients submit a brief description of their current situation, and why they want a reading. I will review your request and If I receive a “yes” from my intuition, I will send you a reply and accept your payment for the session, which is made in full in advance. If I receive a “no” from my intuition, I will return your payment. A “no” bears no reflection on you personally or your right to heal. It simply means that I am not the right fit to provide you with a reading at this time. Whenever potential new clients request a reading, I intuitively feel into whether or not I am the best fit. My intuition is what guides all that I do, particularly during the process of accepting a new client. Readings last for 1.5 hours and they also include Custom Ritual ™ & Personal Ritual ™ work for you to continue with after the reading. There are no refunds. After booking a session, you have 24 hours to cancel the reading and request a refund.