I am an experienced Doula & Body Worker. I will be the Emily Tepperbackbone of your birth experience.

I have attended 16 natural births, and caught 2 babies at birth myself! 

I recently returned from a residency in Cap-Haitien, Haiti where I studied natural birth in Caribbean culture. I provide fitness as a pre/post-natal Pilates Instructor, Craniosacral massage for both Mama & Baby, 24/7 emotional support, as well as post-natal support. I am in a PhD program to become a Doctor of Acupuncture at Tri-State College in Manhattan and can use acupressure & herbs for pain, distress, and breeched babies. My birth education is through Carriage House Birth and Birth Arts International. I am an intuitive healer and will guide you to bond with the spirit of your baby and develop your birth preferences with informed awareness!

LIFE DOULA: (looong Bio)

Before beginning Acupuncture school, I ran an in-home wellness center in Brooklyn New York for 6 years offering Intuitive Healing, Pilates Fitness, and Personal Ritual work.

If you are birthing BIG CHANGE right now instead of a baby, I am your Life Doula! For the past decade, I pioneered Custom Designed Rituals ™ and Personal Ritual Work ™ – breathing opportunity for healers worldwide to be seen and heard. I design rites of passage and ritual work that alchemize your blocks into healthy life force quickly! I have helped thousands of people live their most desired life and it’s your turn! I began knowing my body as the Instrument of my Soul as a Dancer. I’ve also given intuitive readings for both companies and people!