Birth & PostPartum Doula:

I am an experienced Doula & Body Worker, and am the Emily Tepperemotional backbone of your birth experience.

I recently returned from a residency in Cap-Haitien, Haiti where I studied natural birth in Caribbean culture and attended 16 natural births. I have now also assisted the arrival of several births at NY city hospitals and birthing centers.  I provide the best of pre/post-natal Pilates, Craniosacral massage for both Mama & Baby, 24/7 emotional support, crystal sound bowl healing, and all of the Ancillary Techniques of Chinese Medicine such as Gua-sha, Cupping, Moxibustion, and Acupressure in my Doula Packages, and I specialize in post-natal support for new families . I am currently in a Master of Science program for Acupuncture, and am an intuitive healer that will guide you to bond with the spirit of your baby and develop your birth preferences with informed awareness.


Before Acupuncture school, I had several professional lives – the earliest as a dancer, performing with the Metropolitan Opera, and as a US Fulbright Scholar throughout Europe. I also hold a Masters in Designing Experiences from The Design Academy, Eindhoven,  and worked in Future Forecasting for cultural trends. Then I ran a Ritual Design Agency in New York City for 6 years offering Intuitive Healing, Pilates, Craniosacral Therapy, and Personal Ritual work for individuals, companies, and cultural institutions. 

If you want to birth BIG CHANGE , I am your Life Doula! For the past decade, I pioneered Custom Designed Rituals ™ and Personal Ritual Work ™  worldwide.  Ritual work alchemizes your blocks into healthy life force quickly! I have helped thousands of people live their most desired life and it’s your turn!